Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Are you on the fence about getting healthy BEFORE the New Year? Are you on the fence about if my challenge groups are for you? Listen to what a few of my current challengers said: 

"Beachbody is a program that holds you accountable whilealso offering a wonderful support group! I was very hesitant to start the program, it was expensive and seemed overwhelming. However, Jen was able to break down the program and point me in the right direction in regard to which exercise program worked best for me.
Three weeks into it and I am feeling great and finding it easy to stay with the program since I have buddies who hold me accountable! Very happy I made the decision to start."

"It's a great incentive to actually stick with a program. I can't tell you how many times I've started Turbo Fire, only to give up just one week in. One week! Now I'm on week THREE."

"It is a great place to share a semi private journey with like minded people that are here to support you and on the same path."

MY NEXT CHALLENGE GROUP starts Nov 4th and we are waiting for YOU! Healthy FOR the holidays? Heck YES!

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