Saturday, October 19, 2013

From the BOTTOM of my heart

From the BOTTOM of my heart~

This quote is why I do what I do! It is the fiber of this page, my job and my LIFE. I feel like God has given me the gift of "putting myself out there" and I do JUST THAT. (See yesterday's post on @Behindtherefrigeratordoor:) My goal is to inspire, help and teach you to be the BEST YOU CAN BE!

I have made this my full-time job now, as you know, YAY! I take it just as seriously as when I taught kiddos. My whole heart is in it.* NOT TO MAKE MONEY OR SELL YOU ANYTHING* But to share my story, transformation and skills to help and inspire YOU. Please know that I will share my passion with you and offer you great deals. I will ALWAYS give you opportunities to grow, change and SUCCEED!

I LOVE what I do and feel so BLESSED to have found my passion! With that being said, I have THREE spots left for my next challenge that begins on Nov 4th, you ready to change your life? Grab those spots quick!

Need more planning? Prep now for my awesome challenge that will start after the NEW YEAR! IT is NOT anything like my other groups, this is an ULTIMATE RESET for 2014! What is it? Ask me! 

Thank you for your support! You make my life have purpose and joy!

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