Thursday, November 21, 2013

Priorities~ Where are YOURS?

Let's chat a minute about priorities. When I was unhealthy for my entire THIRTIES it was because EVERYTHING else was my priority over taking care of myself. Of course, our families needs often come before our own...however, do other things creep up and invade OUR priority of being healthy? I have learned that making MY HEALTH A PRIORITY IS NOT SELFISH! Why? Because when I am exercising and eating right I am a better wife, mom, friend and daughter of God. It makes me the opposite of selfish. AND I am showing my family that health is a PRIORITY, and let's face it...don't we want our children and spouse to be healthy too? We have to teach it! are some ways that have helped me make my health a priority...share your tips below too!
  • - Scheduling my workouts. Do NOT be intimidated or guilty if 30 min or one hour of exercise takes away from "family time". I hear this a lot! How are we going to teach our children that exercise is important if they don't SEE us doing it?
  • - Say NO to unhealthy habits. This is where I struggled with my family. Be strong and show yourself AND others around you that your health is a priority. With Thanksgiving coming up, take this opportunity to stand up for yourself. My own mom is finally catching the drift that this change is forever, but I have to be strong around her!
  • - Invest some money in your health. This is the tough one! BUT when you spend some money on a new workout outfit, new running shoes, a new workout program or a piece of makes us NOT want to waste that money so we stick to it more! I hear, "I cannot afford it" A LOT! Yes, you can, if it is a priority, it is amazing what we have money for when it is important to US.

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