Monday, December 23, 2013

2014 ~ Make it YOUR best year yet!

For me, 2013, was a phenomenal time in my life where I learned, grew and achieved more in every aspect of my life! I want to KEEP IT UP and I'd love to do it with YOU! This group is a goal setting AND goal ACHIEVING group! We will start out with 30 days and, for those who would like to continue, will have phase II for another 30 days.
Here are the details:
- Totally free!
- Anyone welcome! BUT you will be REQUIRED to engage and interact with the group. It is private so only the group will see it.
- We will be talking about all aspects of life including (but not limited to) personal, professional, health, spirituality, relationship, etc.
- This will be a hands on group with assignments, discussions and google hangout sessions.
- You must be reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, we will be discussing it and doing assignments associated with it.
- That book is not the only assignments we will be doing, so there is a time commitment.
- You will be REQUIRED to respond daily. Some days will take seconds, some days will take about 20 minutes.
- Start day will be January 6th!
WHO IS IN? Please comment, I am in to join!

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