Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Carl's Jr.~ What is up?

I was driving on I-5 from Northern California to Southern California when I saw a billboard that said this. 

I thought about it for a while and really could not wrap my head around what in the world they are trying to say. 
Is it "eat high fat, cholesterol laden foods or else you don't mean it?" Or "you are eating fake if it's not big and greasy?" What does "meaning it" even mean when it comes to eating anyway? Isn't eating just eating? 

Who buys into this stuff? 
I feel slightly offended that I don't "mean it" because I don't eat gigantic burgers with bacon, onion rings and sauce. 

Don't get me wrong...I DO LOVE a double-double every now and again from In N' Out...

Am I way off base on this? What is your opinion on this slogan?

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