Thursday, January 30, 2014

P90X3 Eccentric Lower- Week 5- Post Workout Wrap-Up

Awesome workout!
I know you think I am just saying this, but honestly, each P90X3 workout just gets better and better! I love working legs and when you put core strength in with it? Well, BOOM!
I am going to run through each of the exercises and what I used and my thoughts:
  • Squats- 10 lbs- careful of your knees!
  • Lunges- 10 lbs- classic and efficient.
  • Sumo- 10 lbs- squeeze bum!
  • Weighted Pistol- 5 lbs (when Tony tells me to pick light I obey! I probably need to hide my 5 lb weights), Make sure to engage your core for help with balance.
  • Side Kick- Loved this! It took me a few times to realize I needed to bring my knee to my chest.
  • Front Kick- 8 lbs
  • Albanian Squat- 8 lbs- Make sure you bend your BACK knee and keep your front knee over your ankle! Did you do the toe or top of foot on your chair? I did top....
  • Adducter Lunge- 10 lbs...great move! I even made a video (will add:)
  • Cross Reach- 5 lbs- Don't get bogged down with the balance element. Use opposite arms and engage core for better balance BUT if you NEED to put your back foot down, DO! It is about the legs more than the balance.
  • **I have no idea what the name of the next move was because I can't read my scribble, but it was when we were on our back and they were tapping Tony's hand with their foot in the air....but I used 10 lbs on my hips and I noted to get my BOOTY up, not my leg**
  • Hip Flexor Splits- DID those men really support all their weight on their hands? WOW!
  • Calf Leg- Love this one!

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