Saturday, January 11, 2014

P90X3- Total Synergistics Post Workout Wrap-Up

I just finished my first P90X3 workout and it was hard. I was in week 10 of the original P90X when I transferred over to this one because I jumped on the "new" bandwagon. Not totally sure what I think of this so far. Let's see next week. One thing I DO know for sure is that Tony was a little creepier for me in this workout. Sure hoping he grows on me or else it may be a long 90 days!

Here are some overall tips I have to make this a success:

~ READ the Fitness and Nutrition guide as soon as you can! It explains A LOT! Remember, if you use this program as an a la carte method (picking and choosing) it WILL NOT WORK for you and you will have wasted your money (and I hate it when my challengers waste their money).
~ Choose your schedule based on your goals. (Classic, lean, mass, doubles, elite). This will vary our workouts, as a group, but that is okay.
~ You WILL need a pull-up bar or band. SORRY I was told just dumb bells were needed. A band is the easiest to get and you can securely loop in near your ceiling for a great variation to a pull up bar. Beachbody does sell both if you can't find them at your local stores, if you are a coach you get 25% off.
~ BE AWARE~ Some of the exercises are awkward. DON'T GET FRUSTRATED. DO your best and don't give up! YOU WILL get better at it!
~RECORD/WRITE DOWN what you do each time! I mean it! Keep your record sheet and a pen where you work out and DO IT! Why? Because you will get better and help yourself progress better! You can also download the P90X3 app for your phone and record there, which I will be doing! I would LOVE it if we all posted our record sheets daily for accountability! Just snap a pic or's all about commitment baby!

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