Saturday, February 22, 2014

21 Day Fix ~ Day 5 Thoughts

Day 5 Thoughts: (And I have A LOT of them!)

* Yesterday (day 4) I was SUPER grouchy and wanted any sweets I could find. I didn't partake but was feeling rebellious and ticked off about it. BUT today I woke up and was not hungry and when I think of sweets I feel like "meh". SO, moral of THIS story, don't give turn that corner to sweet success!

* Cardio Fix IS NO JOKE! It kicked my booty! Don't get discouraged! AND DON'T STOP. "one minute at a time".

* Are you using the tally sheets????? I wasn't until I decided to print them out today. DO IT! Go to your teambeachbody account, left side menu click "workout sheets", 21 Day Fix worksheets. YOU WILL THANK ME!

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