Saturday, February 8, 2014

P90X3- MMX- Week 6 Post Workout Wrap-UP

P90X3 MMX (week 6) Post Work-Out Wrap Up-
What a DIFFERENCE a week makes! Last week I struggled through those sprawls and cursed the entire time! This week I loved this routine EVEN MORE and didn't say a bad word the entire time. Was I perfect? HECK NO! What is hard? HECK YES! But it wasn't as hard as last week! PROGRESS, BABY, is what it IT ALL about!
I really love how, if you start on a Monday, this routine falls on a Saturday. Inspired, for sure! What a great way to start off our weekends, by kicking and punching and sprawling to burn excess calories. How can you NOT go out and make it a great day after that?
One word of advice..don't rush through those sprawls. Look at form over speed. This can do damage to your lower back if using momentum, rather than core strength. So do less and work that core. Feet apart or feet together? Whichever YOU FEEL supports your back well.
Also, some of the sequences toward the end can get tricky. Like the push, kick, know the one. Slow down and focus on one at a time. Last week I mumbled it all up, this week I focused on the push, kick part...a little bit at a time will keep you moving forward.
I even was ready to go OUT and sign up for an MMA class! I LOVE IT!

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