Friday, March 28, 2014

80-20 Rule and Mary Poppins

I LOVE the 80/20 Rule ALMOST AS MUCH as I love this picture! Mary Poppins was my idol while I was a young mother and BEFORE I figured out how unrealistic my expectations of myself were!


I love the 80% healthy 20% not-healthy rule, especially on days like today when I had a piece of my daughter's birthday cake. It was lovingly made by a good friend and was three layers of coconut yumminess! WHY would I ever want to miss out on her sweet 16 cake? LIFE is full of celebrations that involve indulgent treats! THE TRICK IS....DON'T CREATE CELEBRATIONS DAILY JUST TO EAT TREATS! Let's face is so cool we COULD find something to celebrate multiple times a day if we really wanted to....SO the 80/20% rule is the way to go!

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