Friday, March 28, 2014


Nope! This is NOT a French bakery counter...this is my kitchen counter! Apparently the go-to sweet 16 love are sweets! If you cannot see all the yumminess, let me break down for you what I CURRENTLY have on my kitchen counter: chocolate croissants, vanilla cupcakes, cake pops, assorted cupcakes and 1/4 of a decadent coconut cake!!!!!!

YIKES! But I am headed to push play now and THIS IS WHY I COACH and have this page! It keeps me focused and accountable! It would be SO VERY easy to snag a cupcake, heat up a croissant or just eat that cake from the plate....but NOPE, NOT GONNA DO IT!
Why? YOU!
YOU inspire me to do better.
YOU keep me accountable.
**Coaches are not perfect! We are all human and working on our own journey every day. If you are interested in this same accountability and awesome opportunity, TALK TO ME! It is TRULY the #bestjobever!

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