Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mental, Emotional, Cognitive Health and our Physical HealthSi

Zig Ziglar

How do you keep yourself emotionally, mentally and cognitively engaged?
For me, this was HUGE to my physical transformation. I learned that whenever I felt down, verbally attacked, bad about myself I searched for food to comfort me. As a matter of fact it happened yesterday! Hubby and I got into a disagreement and all goals flew out of my head and wanted FAST FOOD FAST! But, knowing that about myself, I stayed strong...I redirected my uncomfortable feelings by crossing things off my to do list! I got engaged in progress and I felt better. By late last night when I saw hubby I had completely forgotten about our "tiff" and I hadn't gone down a path to lead me to more negative feelings! 
I don't always have success like that, but the key is to learn about ourselves so we CAN see progress in changing those mental and emotional obstacles.

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Michele said...

Very awesome reflection.