Friday, April 25, 2014

My Super Scary Summer Plan ~ 2014

I wanted this summer to be different
Even though I am working hard in my health and fitness I knew I needed to be pushed harder. 
So this summer I am tackling my top three fears when it comes to my health and fitness. 

Here is the plan.

  1. Beachbody Ultimate Reset- 21 days to reclaim, release and restore. More than a cleanse or detox program. It is a reset on the inside. Supplements and strict eating plan, WITH ONLY WALKING, scares me. But I am ready! It came today and I am excited to see some drastic changes in my energy, clarity and fitness. May 1- May 22. Stay tuned for daily Reset Blog Posts.
  2. Insanity- This is the only workout program that FREAKS ME OUT. I don't know why. I know people who've done it and they've survived. I have done a few isolated workouts from the program and it was tough, even during the warm up. My calves ached after each time. But it is time to face. this. fear! I will start on Monday, May 26th. 
  3. Run my second Half Marathon- This will have been my fourth half training, but only my second half marathon. Why? I hate running races/events. I love the training because it is only myself. My mind gets all messed up on race day. BUT it is something I have needed to do, to see the commitment through again. So I gathered some friends together to keep me accountable (you can join in too) and I have picked the race. It is on Labor Day in San Pedro! I will use Insanity as a cross training program with my training program.
With these three steps I will be in the best shape OF.MY.LIFE this summer! Each step relies on the previous. I set it up like that on purpose to help me see each phase through. 
NOW, if you know me, the more the merrier is my motto! If any of these above appeal to you, I am looking for friends to join me in any of the phases or all three! Not near by? No problem. All of my support groups are on Facebook. Just ask to join me in the comments and LET'S FACE OUR FEARS TOGETHER!

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Jennefer said...

We can totally rock this race! I'm getting excited to do it!