Friday, May 9, 2014

How I Changed My Health...FOR GOOD!

I am a "sharer" and when I find something I love, I want to tell everyone about it! You all know I am crazy passionate about health and fitness...but it wasn't ALWAYS like that! I was overweight, stressed, unhappy and tired A LOT! Yea, I worked out...but it wasn't until I found out how to put NATURAL and HEALTHY foods into my body I started to see significant changes in ALL those areas!

Shakeology® was the thing that changed it all! It is NOT a protein shake (although it has protein in it). It is NOT a weight loss drink (although many people lose weight with it). It is a DENSE NUTRITION drink that helps SEVENTEEN systems in your body function better! 
But those are the companies trust me, right? Can I share MY FACTS about what Shakeology has done for me?
- I haven't been sick in nine months.
- It has regulated my blood sugar.
- It keeps me content and full longer.
- Peace of mind that I have gotten wholesome nutrition in my body AT LEAST ONCE during the day.
- I am "regular".
- I used to take 6-8 ADVIL a day most days for headaches, aches and I take about 4 a month when I have period cramps.
- My nails grow so fast, as well as my hair.
- I drive past fast food without temptation. (when my Shakeo was lapsed once I noticed that IMMEDIATELY CHANGE)
- It squelches my sweet tooth!
Honestly, my entire family drinks it (even my teens!) and we ALL love it! We will drink it for a very long time! It is just good and yummy and VITAL nutrition!

Just wanted to share!

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