Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 9

No video for today! the time I remembered I was tucked in bed and was too tired to get up, get dressed and put on here you have me typing.

Day 9 was a hungry day. Not sure if it was the all-fruit breakfast, but by 10:00am I was wanting lunch. Then, again, at night around 9pm I was hungry. I did not eat anything extra though! I am focused. A little anxious about all the temptation in the upcoming weekend, as it is Mother's Day and lots of busy-ness. I know I can be strong, just dreading being strong. Ya know what I mean?

Drinking Detox three times a day is just making me think how much I really love my body. Don't love the detox or the Alkalinize, but I am doing it and it, really, is not so bad. Just another step of proving to myself that I Can Do Hard Things!

The soup at dinner tonight was pure heaven! Everyone time I make something that is "restaurant tasting" I just boost my confidence a little bit more. I am really going to miss that when this is over. Yep, I could continue on to find clean recipes...but there is just something different about wanting to and having to.
Tomorrow is Day 10, milestone!

Breakfast- fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew)
Lunch- salad with cucumber, red bell pepper and toasted pumpkin seeds and rice and pinto beans.
Snack- raspberries and green apple
Dinner- Sweet Potatoe and Roasted Red Pepper soup with grilled asparagus and slivered almonds.

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