Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 12

Like most days on the Ultimate Reset there are highs and lows. I woke up all amped and ready to go, but then lost energy as the day went on. Mid morning I was SUPER hungry so I had 10 cashews, total cheat, but at least I chose something on the plan. 

Then in the afternoon I was GREAT! I didn't adequately plan for dinner prep, most meals take about a half hour, but this one took longer. I was not famished and even had no problem with serving the kids homemade tostadas. I enjoyed the smell, but not tempted to even have a bite. Likewise with my daughter making wonderful chocolate chip cookies for her BF's birthday. Not one crumb.

This is REALLY making me think about cravings and how I sued to succumb to them, using "craving" as permission or an excuse. Are cravings REALLY cravings from our body?
Or are they our mind suggesting something we might like?
Hmmmmmm....anyhow, let's get to the food!

Have you ever fantasized having a personal chef that only cooks EXACTLY what YOU need to be healthy? I have had that fantasy more than once! Day 12's dinner, most of the meals actually, feels JUST LIKE THAT, except I AM the chef!
Breakfast- fresh fruit plate (strawberries, half orange, honeydew)
Snack- 10 cashews
Lunch- Salad with cucumber, tomato, toasted pumpkin seeds and hearty vegetable miso soup (recipe to follow. SO GOOD!)
Dinner- millet, coconut collard greens, Mediterranean roasted beets. (Recipes to follow...both the greens and beets will be a staple in my future menus).
Give in or hunker down?

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