Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 16

Keeping it real and getting personal here!
Last night was the hardest night by far! Not because of being hungry, I was just plain self-pitiful about not being able to eat junk and be healthy. Yesterday I was shopping all day long at two malls. At one point I glanced in a mirror and saw myself as frumpy and flabby. My mind immediately went to self-doubt and criticism and anger. Anger because there were skinny people all around me eating whatever the heck they want and here I am eating seeds and plants and still look the same! IRRATIONAL, for sure! Yes, I completely and utterly and whole-heartedly credit my hormones for this full-fledged pity party!

So what worked for me was to ride the wave of it, WITHOUT JUNK, and hope it passes soon. I did eat a banana with a 1/2 tablespoon of natural peanut butter. Again, it is not hunger at all, it is just the lack of freedom. But you know what, I have had that freedom before and it lead to MUCH MORE unhappiness that a few hours of self-pity once a month!

I have noticed that my fruits are tasting SUPER DUPER sweet. It is because my taste buds are now sensitized to sugar. Again, the meals are satisfying...I get SUPER excited about my toasted pumpkin seeds and yummy homemade dressing! Do you want the recipe for my new favorite dressing?

Missing endorphins from my workouts and have anxiety that I will not be able to bounce back in. I have big plans for exercise after the Reset is over, so nervous about that. Okay, let's get to the food.
Breakfast- half orange, strawberries, half of an apple. I didn't even eat it all. 
Lunch- salad with toasted pumpkin seeds.
Dinner- steamed kale with lemon juice and curried cauliflower (hubby ate the cauliflower too).

A great big thank you if you are reading this right now. I know it is tedious for you to follow along and that you don't have to. But I appreciate you being here because it helps me to keep going! So, thank you!

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