Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 21 - Last day!

Yep! You see it right...made it to the VERY last day and went OFF TRACK! Why? Well, I simply was being rebellious. I had been determined and dedicated for so long, I just had this part of me that was saying, "I can make my own choices...I am not a robot". Now, this HAD creeped into my mind earlier in the process, but the other part of me saying, "You are dedicated. You are determined. You can do this!" was louder. UNTIL TODAY. Today I was not at an amazing restaurant. Nor was I with out of town guests. I was not at a party with amazing desserts. I was simply in my kitchen and did not want carrot-seaweed salad for lunch! Why didn't I just make a green salad? Yeah, I know!

Am I disappointed in myself? YEP! I am disappointed because my intestines are not crystal clean anymore! I am disappointed because I am a complete perfectionist and that hurts. BUT being healthy is NOT about being perfect, even in a 21 day cleanse. 

Anyhow, it over...but not completely! Tomorrow I will weigh in, take post measurement AND my after pics. I am also planning a special Wrap-Up blog post with questions and answers. So if you have one, post it below!

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