Thursday, August 28, 2014

To Feed The Craving or Not Feed The Craving?

Ugh, we ALL have them! Some are salty, some are sweet, some are on certain days of the month, some are certain hours of the day. Guess what? There is NO secret potion to make them go away...although Shakeology CERTAINLY helps with them, have you noticed? That is because your body craves what we feed it....more on that later!

Often times a "craving" is merely our mind suggesting something to us. Maybe it was from old habits (ie: going through drive thru on certain nights of the week) or traditions (ie: passing around See's Candy while opening Christmas presents). Either way, very few times our body is ACTUALLY needing that food item.
Case in the beginning of the summer I did Beachbody's Ultimate Reset, which is a 21 detox and cleanse program with 100% clean eating. As mentioned earlier, I ALWAYS crave sweets a few days before I start my period. **LIKE "GIVE ME CHOCOLATE OR YOU DIE" CRAVE** Well, of course part of the Ultimate Reset included those days and guess what? I did not NEED sweets at all!
So, when we CRAVE a burger, ice cream, chips or cheese...ask yourself these questions:
1. Am I bored, tired, thirsty, hurt or angry? And is that why I want this?
2. Is this a "mind suggestion" (like seeing a commercial) or do I really NEED it?
3. If I eat this WILL I be able to bounce right back to my meal plan immediately? (BE HONEST! You will ONLY hurt yourself in you aren't)
4. Is this something that is special and "one of a kind"?

If, after you answer these questions honestly, you still want that treat...


We ALL KNOW deprivation does not work! This is NOT a diet, this is a lifestyle! And if you saw my In N' Out Double Double post yesterday you saw that A) I don't want a life without Double Doubles and B) I learned that running the day after was HORRID! You will find that a lot of the times you will learn it is NOT worth the splurge and you will be stronger from it!
Have you had a craving that you were strong through?
Have you indulged in a craving and learned from it?

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