Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I wasn't always the athlete you see now!

One of my worries is that you see my posts about running, eating healthy and exercise and you think, "I can never do what she does. She has never been where I am at."

I want you to know that I HAVE BEEN THERE. For well over a decade of my life I was very overweight. Food controlled my actions and thoughts. I was depressed and miserable. It affected my relationships, my spirituality and my job. The consistent happiness I felt came from food and, even though t was temporary, I used it more and more often. My children brought me great joy, but that was quickly masked with doubts about deserving THEIR love.

The person you see now, posting and motivating you is that same person. Over time, I have peeled away the layers of self-doubt and with every step in the right direction I have become the person I am today. It does take the decision that YOU ARE BETTER than a life of misery. We ALL deserve happiness, TRUE happiness that comes from inside rather than a pastry.

How? By taking small steps today in the right direction. You don't have to change everything, all at once.
1. Today, decide, that YOU are worth it! Struggling with that? I can help. Message me and I will personally talk to you about it. Because I have been there. And I know how it feels.
2. Once you have decided that you ARE WORTH IT, choose to step on that path. Scared you will fail? Yep! We ALL are! But you won't know if you can succeed unless you take that first step.
3. Take someone's hand. Support was the magic for me to keep me going when I wanted to fail. Who wants to fail? I did! When it got hard and I wanted that instant gratification that food gave me my support helped me to remember WHY I was on this journey. I can be that support for you! I am grateful for a friend that told me she believed in me and didn't know that she was changing the course of my life!

I have been there. Don't ever doubt that! I can help you!  Jen

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