Tuesday, October 7, 2014

In the RAW ~ Raw veggies for success!

Last week I had a SUPER SUCCESSFUL health week despite TWO birthdays in my family!
If I could pinpoint one reason why it would be that I challenged myself to eat 3 servings of RAW veggies everyday as snacks. It worked because I was not hungry to eat other stuff! Try it! I am ready to do it again this week! Will you do it with me?

The facts on eating raw veggies!
  • Not ALL veggies are healthier raw...think tomatoes.
  • Pepper, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers are all more nutritious raw.
  • I focus on the above for snacks, first and foremost so I make sure I get in more veggies than anything else in my day.
  • I eat my cooked veggies at meals.
  • You will probably get gas. BUT you will also be fuller longer.

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