Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~a minor setback~

If you would like to read about my latest derailment, check out here. Seriously, the week of my period I am pretty much a mess in what I eat, totally unmotivated to do ANYTHING and feeling guilty the entire time! I just have to keep telling myself, "You will get back to it".
How do hormones or your "cycle" affect your goals and life?

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Tammy said...

Oh trust me...when my cycle comes I am not the person to be around. Unfortunately my cravings change. Right now I am soooo craving salty foods. There are none here. I've also craved breads and such. Chocolate for me has fallen right off the wayside right now. I am not sur ewaht happened, but it did so there we are!!! I soooo love penaut butter cups too!!! Yummers!!1