Saturday, November 15, 2008

~a little experiment~

So when I was thinking of turning a new leaf I set up this board in my bathroom. I made a chart with 52 slots. My theory wa to take it week by week, one pound a week. I would weigh myself each Thursday morning (naked). I even marked small milestones for more immediate gratification. Do you know what has happened? Check this out:
10/9 baseline
10/16 +.8
10/23 -1.0 (finally)
11/13 +.2

To make sure my scale was working properly I weighed everything from my kids to my purse. No, it was not stuck! So I have a new theory... is this where my body is comfortable? In some weird way am I supposed to be at this weight? Is it possible for your body to be in balance and still be 40 pounds overweight? Any insight?

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Carissa said...

Jen, There is a theory about weight called your body's set point. This is basically a weight range that your body will fight to keep you at. Everyone has a different set point and your body will fight hard to keep you in that range (usually a 5-10 pound range). Once you've reached your set point it will be very difficult to lose more weight. You'll really have to battle hard to lower your set point so you can lose more weight.