Sunday, November 16, 2008

~lock it up and throw away the key~

Right now, as I type, there is a two pound box of See's Candy in my cabinet. I bought it because I will be having 14 house guestsat my house for Thanskgiving weekend and EVERY celebration includes See's at our house. As a matter of fact, from as far back as I can remember, a box of See's candy was passed around Christmas morning for breakfast as we opened presents.
Unfortunately, it is really hard for me to keep it all wrapped up in the cabinet. It will be a miracle if it survives until turkey day!
Are there any foods that you physically cannot resist (you could eat it any day, any time, anywhere?)
What foods are a must-have in your holiday celebrations?
Does food even play a major part in your holidays?
Are there people out there that it doesn't? If so, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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Guest Reader said...

oh boy do i have a list of food i CAN NOT have in the house because i have NO self-control.

1. see's candies milk chocolate covered peanuts. i can eat a whole pound in about 1.5 days.
2. graham crackers and teddy grahams.
3. any type of nuts
4. cherry cheesecake
5. red nibs
6. liz's gooey, sticky, soft, buttery, yummy carmel popcorn.

foods that only come out for the holidays and it takes extreme self control to not eat them all:

1. fresh homemade rolls.
2. cherry pie
3. smoked almonds
4. cinnamon bears that have been in the same bowl as salted peanuts.
5. cinnamon rolls christmas morning. just the center ones though.
6. the best turkey sandwich and french fries with "fry sauce" at our favorite fast food place in utah (the place we spend christmas)
7. cheese ball with fancy crackers
8. pretzels dipped in carmel and chocolate
9. sugar cookie dough that is to be used for santa's cookies.
10. beef brisket, spianch salad and cheesey potatoes for a christmas eve dinner.....
11... honestly, i could go on and on. and when i mean NO self control...there is none when any of these yummy foods are around. i can't wait.....yummy!

some of my friends might not believe me about the self control...but ask liz, she knows!