Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Official...I'm OBESE!

We got Wii Fit during the summer. I vowed to NEVER get on it because I did not want it to tell me that I was obese. Lately, I have been feeling good about myself (well content). So today my daughter was meditating on Wii Fit and I kicked her off and thought to myself, "heck, I am probably just overweight." So I hopped on, did some basic things and there it was in BIG, RED LETTERS - OBESE.

Okay, not really a great idea to do this on CHRISTMAS EVE! Was I really surprised? Did the portly little Mii character really look like me? (Picture to follow)
Have you had an outside source tell you news like this? How did you react?


♫Emmy♫ said...

it is ok mommy!! you aren't obese!

Tammy said...

After nearly getting into a fist fight in Safeway because some horrid personal trainer was criticizing a poor woman who had jsut had a baby I doubt hearing I am obese would be a major surprise.

Poetry of Life said...

I've been "obese" almost my entire life. Obesity just means you don't look like everyone else. There are very healthy people who are labeled obese all the time. No worries! We still love you!