Sunday, February 1, 2009

~mirror mirror on the wall~

One of the things I did recently was to buy a full length mirror. It may sound silly but I have never had a full length mirror. My experience with mirrors is standing on toilets to see from my knees to my neck in the vanity mirror. I am not sure if it was subconsciously avoiding on my part, but I am here to tell you...IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FULL LENGTH MIRROR, GET ONE NOW! Here are some things I have learned by actually seeing my full body (grey roots down to unmanicured toes) in the mirror.
  1. When I stand there naked I look like one of those "before" Hydroxycut people in a swimsuit. NOT GOOD!
  2. There are some outfits that I really like that make me look horrible!
  3. There ARE parts of my body that I actually like (besides my boobs).
  4. Jeans ARE my friends, not my enemies.
  5. A good bra IS as important as Oprah said it was. (One of the only things I agree with Oprah on)
  6. My hair and face are not the first place your eyes go when wearing the wrong thing.
  7. Accessories are an asset to any look.

Have you had any epiphanies while looking in the mirror? I want to hear them or any other thoughts on the whole mirror subject!

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