Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Challenge Results!

So the first leg of our challenge is complete! What a long three weeks it turned out to be! Do you know how many opportunities I have in a day to have sweets, even though I do not seek them out? No wonder our nation is heavy! One thing I have to say is this: If you need help, ask a reliable friend! My friend kept me totally accountable, even when I messed up! Here is the story of my mess up:
I had been doing well on our challenge. No slip ups or even horrid temptations that I could not overcome. Partially because we made one modification. That is, we could eat sweets when we were together (in moderation). So I was over at a friend's house helping her move. I had not eaten breakfast (tsk tsk). It was about 11:00 and her husband opened a bag of FIG NEWTONS. I thought, "This is like a breakfast bar". Not even thinking about the challenge, I popped one in my mouth! I LOST over a Fig Newton!!!!! If I was going to lose I wanted to lose over something worth it! So I called my partner in crime and she made me a deal...if she could have the entire day off, we could continue the challenge without me losing. So I drove to See's and bought her a half pound of her favorite candy. I didn't even eat the free sample!
So now our next leg begins. Same rules apply, except for we are allowed one serving of sweets twice a week. That means NO mess ups! Wish me luck! Oh and BTW, I lost 2 pounds with this challenge!
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