Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Half Marathon!

The sting is beginning to wear I can talk about it (i.e. blog about it)now.
This past Saturday I ran my first half marathon! (13.1 miles) I learned many things from this experience. All in all I did not have the sense of accomplishment I had from my 10k's or even a 10 mile run around town, more about why later. First some pics...
All smiles before-hand
barely smiling afterward
Here are some things I learned that maybe you can learn from too-
  • despite early registration you still may not get a shirt (I have faith that they really will mail me one)
  • do not underestimate eating the night before a race, or even the morning of. My body shut down early on and the lack of nutrients was why.
  • on long runs carry water, even when they say they have ample aid stations. This race ran out of cups at the last four aid stations. This also hurt my performance.
  • I should not have set my personal standards so high. I said, "I just want to finish" but in my mind I was saying "I want to run the entire way". After I had to walk briefly I felt defeated and the negative talk set in.
  • running races plays major mind games with me! If I could just focus on myself instead of all the other runners around me I may do just fine.
  • although in my heart I want supporters waiting for me at the finish line I just really, really felt guilty about how long they had to wait...doing nothing....while I ran.
  • the mind endurance is far more difficult than the physical endurance.
  • natural childbirth was easier than this for me.
  • I thought I wanted to run a marathon, but now I am not so sure...we will see!
  • friends can get you through anything, these ladies saw me at quite a low point!

Anyone out there have a similar experience to mine? Anyone?

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