Thursday, April 22, 2010

THIS makes it all worth it!

It all began with my first race. My hubby and kiddos were kind enough to meet me at the finish line and were so excited to see other kids finishing the race. The entire way home they plotted how they were going to train and run in a 5K. When we got home they did all the research, printed out a training schedule and found a race to run in! They chose this race. For the first two weeks they trained every day after school. Then it dwindled away ...
What a great race choice it was! It was so organized and the weather was perfect!

Ready, Set, Go!
The three of us started together but D quickly shot ahead and we never saw him again. I was praying the entire time that I wouldn't come across him down the trail with medic for trying to sprint the entire way. He was determined to push himself!
E and I split up too.
As I finished I saw D already cooling down with water. I turned and was able to see E cross the finish line. Our times were 30:04, 32:23 and 35:40. I was so proud of them!

We stuck around for the awards wondering if by chance either kid made it in the top 3. We were thrilled when D got FIRST PLACE for the under 9's And 10-14!!!!

He was able to go up on stage and get a medal! E was happy for her brother, but she was proud of herself and can't wait to do it again! When D finished he said, "I almost pretended to faint so I didn't have to finish." I've felt like that before too buddy!



Tammy said...

Way to go D!!! Way to go E!!! and msot especially Way to go Mom for providing the kids with such a good example!!!

Christy said...

That is sooo awesome! Great job, D! And how proud you must feel of those two. Love it.