Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Milestone Achieved! Funny (true) Story to celebrate!

Today I completed my 5K training. I use this app. That means for the last eight weeks I have run at least three times a week and today I ran a full thirty minutes without stopping. Yay! I am exactly 10 pounds down from when I started.

Next up...10K training. Running four days a week and another 10 (hopefully a few more) down in the next eight weeks. That will be exactly when I head back to the US for summer!
Me, just before my run, in the awesome
Marriott fitness center locker room. (One of the perks of living in China:) 
Funny story about this milestone of a run...So, I was done and inside my head I was doing a little "party dance" of celebration while walking on the treadmill to cool down. I guess I was also doing a "potty dance" too because as I was walking I felt like I had no control over my bladder and I felt it begin to trickle out! (Female runners: am I right that no matter if you went just before you run, you still have to go right after?) 

Anyhow, I began to panic because the treadmill was in full motion and there was a gentleman right behind me on the elliptical. In a split second I envisioned him seeing me pee my pants, from behind, and I did not know what that liquid would do, or where it would go, since I was on the treadmill. Instinctively I turned my body, thinking I could hide it if he saw the side of my body! Have you ever tried to turn your entire body while on a treadmill? Well, I full on biffed it! Headphones still in ears, Iphone nicely harnessed to the machine. Now pee is for sure escaping! I quickly yank the earphones from my ears and tread backwards to prevent falling flat on my face...luckily this was all managed and I made it without blemish, except to my pride. I hit the emergency stop button and said to the man, "that was scary". Then I headed to the bathroom...

These are the moments I cherish, I tell ya!


haileynicolle said...

ha ha! your crackin me up! i hope you were wearing those black shorts today and not some grey cotton ones, because there would be NO WAY you could hide wet pee with em. and BTW you look fantastic! i'm in the process of a lifestyle change at the moment (more healthy eating and more exercising) and attempting to get back down to my pre-china weight and its a challenge, a HUGE challenge and your making feel good, like i can keep it up and succeed!

Leslie said...

Way to rock it!! I kind of wish that I had seen you biff it. ;)

We need to do a race this summer.