Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vacations- A set back to your goal. Or are they?

We just returned from a nice relaxing jaunt to Yangshuo (in southern China). It was only four days so I wasn't too worried about straying too far off of my health routine to do real damage. 

As a matter of fact, right before our trip I had really hit a groove. I was running short runs even on my "non-run days", incorporating strength training into most work outs,  and I was somewhat pleased with my food choices. All in all I was feeling pretty good about my progress UNTIL . . .

. . . I saw pictures, like the one above, of myself on the trip! I am embarrassed to even post this pic but something deep inside tells me I should for motivational purposes. My arms are my number 1 trouble spot on my entire body, although that double chin is somewhere in the top ten! Nevertheless, seeing pictures of myself really got me really down. I think because I have worked so hard, for a substantial amount of time, it really makes it all the worse than if I looked like that without even putting any effort in.

& it is a big but...
Now that I am back from my trip, and back at the gym, I feel like I am even more motivated now because I DO NOT want to look like that on our next vacation! or ever! Instead of giving up, pics like that one just make me want to work harder and eat healthier. As a matter of fact, I have started drinking "green smoothies"!

With every work out I do, I am one step closer to being healthy.
With every healthy meal I eat, I am one step closer to being healthy.


Liz R. said...

i think it may be the angle of the camera as far as your arm goes... i was just thinking how i love seeing your hair long. and everyone has a double chin! that's why you are supposed to stick your head up and out just a bit when you get your picture taken!

Jen said...

Welp....that was just before I chopped my hair:)