Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Food I Hate But Keep Eating

I know, I can you hate pizza right? 
I don't like the taste. 
I don't like the crust. 
I don't like the toppings.
 I don't like the sauce.
 I guess I sort of like the cheese. 
The best pizza for me is the kind that has a cracker thin crust. (Amici's)

BUT whenever pizza is around me, I eat it!!!! 
Why? I can totally pass on other things that I don't like (pasta...sorry Italian ancestors). Why is it that I cannot pass up pizza? From the first piece to the second piece all the way until the next morning when my fingers are so swollen I can't remove my ring I regret even eating it! 

This rant is because last night we ordered pizza. I have a 10 and 14 year old and it was Friday night...they LOVE pizza! I was thirsty all night and I felt like garbage this morning. I still headed to the gym and it was good motivation to crank up the watts!

Is there a food that you do not like but still eat just because it is there?

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