Thursday, September 27, 2012

Check In ~ 9.27.12

**special Thursday check in**
handmade spring rolls
Easy and healthy
rice paper, veggies and no frying
Challenges of the Week: Started the week in a complete tailspin, falling rapidly. Friday night went to a school event hungry, very little healthy options and a lot of ethnic foods that are hard to I didn't. Actually the entire week went without recording, felt out of control that way. My mind is in a fix over this still. I tried it out this week and while I was dying while I was doing it, afterwards I still felt I had cheated myself due to the shorter time. 

Successes of the Week: Exercised five days this week. 

Weigh In: exactly the same today

Looking Ahead: Flying to Thailand tonight (red eye). Taking my exercise clothes. Hoping to stay on track! Will weigh in when I return on Sat.

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