Monday, October 8, 2012

Check In ~ 10.6.12

**special post vacation check-in**
Not a flattering picture but proof
I went to the gym on our Thailand adventure.

Challenges of the Week: Duh, vacations are such a challenge for me! We say that it is a lifestyle change but whenever I am on vacation, or my circumstance changes, I fall right back into my old eating habits. It makes me wonder if there ever can truly be an internal change, where despite your circumstances, you still make healthy choices?  Or will high calorie food always be a temptation to me?...I already know the answer. I am not alone in the fact that food is such a big part of the experience of traveling, hence all the food shows on the travel channel.

Calamari by the pool, pad thai, pineapple rice, chocolate croissants, steak and lobster...I will just stop there.

Successes of the Week: Started each day off with a sensible breakfast of Protein shake, protein bar, etc. Only had breakfast out one day. Exercised a few times at the gym. From the mental health aspect, this trip was absolutely perfect! I am counting the minutes until I can go back. We are so lucky to be able to take vacations like this so often. Grateful to my husband who persuades me to go...can you believe I didn't want to even take this trip? CRAZY!

Weigh In: up 3.4 lbs!

Looking Ahead: Back to it! No time to waste! Back to recording my food and exercising daily. I write this on Monday so just a few days until my next weigh we go!

I couldn't just leave you with a pic from the gym.
Check out this beautiful water!
Family dove while I snorkeled.
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Liz R. said...

it's exercise for me. if i am on vacation there is no way i am exercising... good for you to get to the gym.