Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Check In ~ 9.21.12

Just an example of how we eat out here in China.
It is tricky to count all the calories, although I did it this week!
Focus on veggies, less on rice and meats. Oh, and I always add extra oil to my log!

Challenges of the Week: Succumbed to the dreaded Dairy Queen, ate a small blizzard only to find out it was 600 calories! It wasn't even worth it. My ovaries feel like they weigh five pounds each, PMS sucks! Went out for Japanese Teppanyaki (all you can eat) for my son's birthday the night before weigh in!

Successes of the Week: Still sticking to my See's Candy plan. I've only had four since I got them! Amped up my running this week. Made healthy choices when going out. I tracked how much water I drink and found, on most days, I drink 1 gallon! Exercised hard six days this week and logged every single meal, except the one last night, it was just too much to even count. Back on track today though!

Weigh In: down exactly 1 pound. (Wished it was more, but happy it is something)

Looking Ahead: Hubby left for Africa today. I won't see him again for ten! Next Thursday I will weigh in instead of Friday. Leaving for a week in Thailand on Thursday night. I can do it!

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