Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanks for sticking with me friends! Our Internet is still not up and running effectively here in China! All Google sites are locked down on my laptop, despite using a VPN ( a personal network that jumps the Great Firewall). I can, sometimes, get on a Google site on my iPad, as I am now. But it is inconsistent and brief. So here is a quick update about where I am and what I am doing.

After a month of having Traditional Chinese Medical treatments I am not feeling any better with my herniated discs in my neck and back. I had a few enjoyable medical massages, but the pain came right back. I also had acupuncture. Someone asked me before if acupuncture hurt...well, at that time I had only gone to a "salon" to have it done and I couldn't feel a thing. Now I understand that I didn't need it in those spots because doing it at a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctor hurt like heck!!!! He lined them up in my back and down my leg, all the way to my foot. The needles probed right into my nerve! It felt like metal to metal for twenty minutes. Then he'd come in, give them a flick and a twist, and I'd lay there for another ten minutes. I hated it, but was willing to keep at it if it helped.... I didn't feel it did. They now were talking about a soaking technique and me drinking some nasty Chinese stuff. Huh-uh! I am out! Of course, I am being told that I am not giving it enough time and I need to stick with it. I guess I truly am a "westerner" through and through. 

I have hated not exercising! Luckily I have not gained any weight. Hooray, even over Thanksgiving (a perk of living here on Turkey Day I suppose), although I am definitely feeling more jiggly.Tomorrow is Monday and I hope to introduce, little blittle, exercise into my daily routine again. This time I am not exercising to lose weight, it is solely for the desire to get moving again. Pray I do not strain anything further. 

With only four weeks to Hawaii I need to get moving AND feel pain free again!

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