Saturday, January 12, 2013

Check In ~ 1/12/13

It's SO good to be back and to be back on track!
Day 5 of My 90 Day American Junk Food Detox!
Challenges of the Week: It has been great to be in a focused fram of mind! Of course, chocolate calls to me daily but I limited myself and recorded it. Saying no to social activities, to stay in my routine of going to the gym in the morning, is and will be a challenge. I love being social and seeing friends and I HATE being late for things. Some things start earlier than what allows me when going to the gym. 

Successes of the Week: The sub-freezing temperatures did not dissuade me from walking to the gym daily. In reference to the above, I did have to be somewhere this week that began at 10:30, on the subway with a transfer. I made it with still doing an hour work out beforehand. I logged my food every single day, and chose foods that helped me detox! I really thought of the mantra "skinny (which I HATE that word) results come from the kitchen, not the gym". My good friend left a comment on my last post talking about switching your mindset on your goals from looks to health. I really, really want to do this. It is difficult when that has been your mindset for over twenty years. Any suggestions on how to change your mindset, please leave me comments!

Weigh In:  down over 3 lbs.

Looking Ahead: Stay on this awesome cycle and work harder to focus on physical fitness goals instead of weight loss goals. In doing this I will reference those in my challenges and successes section in the future.
How did you do this week?

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Liz R. said...

on the days you have to be somewhere early ish could you just do a work out video at home?