Friday, August 2, 2013

Kids In The Kitchen

As a mom, there is nothing I dislike more than hearing my kids complain about what I cooked for dinner! It really gripes me because I thought about what to cook, bought the stuff and mustered up the energy to actually cook it. Thank goodness my kids are not too picky and are relatively polite when they are not thrilled about something I've made. We actually even had a rating system at one point. But, of course, they are kids and there are some things they just don't like. 

After living in China and not feeling like I actually cooked for two years (I really only prepared food to "get us by") I came back raring to go! I decided that each child (15 and just about 12) would have a night to plan a meal and prepare it. Honestly I did this, initially, so that they could learn that the taste of something sometimes isn't as good as how it sounds on a recipe card the internet. But we have gained so much more than that. . .
. . . they are at that age where independence is key. This process allows them a lot of independence because the only restrictions I gave them was it has to be healthy.

Our menu of the week.

They give me their shopping list by Sunday night, I usually grocery shop on Monday. They are learning about ingredients, recipes, nutrition and how to prepare an entire meal. This week the 15 year old daughter went on Pinterest and chose Chicken Club Quesidillas with Zucchini Fries and a salad. It was so good, especially the zucchini fries. She was beaming with pride and I loved seeing that.
My cute niece and amazing daughter making dinner.

I can't wait to have these zucchini fries again! Baked, not fried!

The 11 year old's night is coming up and he chose homemade chicken noodle soup. It will have to wait a bit, though, as our soup pot is still on it's way from China. 

What else can I ask for than for my children to learn to cook, build their confidence and learn nutrition? 
HA! Who am I kidding?
 You know it is all about me not cooking for two nights a week, 
the rest is just icing on the cake ;)

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john:and:aim said...

I do that same thing!!! But that means I get a whopping FOUR nights to not have to plan & cook (they do end up needing help though!)!!