Friday, January 10, 2014

P90X3- Agility X- Week 2 Post Workout Wrap -Up

Agility X- Week 2- Post Workout Wrap-Up!

I just kept thinking about how much the tape and Xs make such a difference in this workout! I pushed myself so much harder this week because I was prepared. Also, PLEASE heed Tony's advice about the right shoes. So many people start these workouts and get injured...prevention. My socks were scrunching up the whole time and IT WAS BUGGING ME...note to self: different socks next week! 
I really like when he says that this workout is what athletes do. I DO feel like an athlete (a very novice athlete) when I do it, which is a cool feeling. I understand when they talk about the elliptical, treadmill and gym but I used to LOVE all of those and it could be offensive to people that still do...kinda annoyed me. TOTALLY felt STRONGER during Gump Side Push-Ups this time!

Tips for Agility: 
-concentrating on arm being opposite of leg will help balance and form.
-Keep upper body engaged, not willy nilly, and this turns into a full body workout. 
-DON'T GIVE UP, especially at the end! I was struggling by 3.4 Run. MODIFY instead of stopping!
- Do NOT skip cool down.
- Drink Results & Recovery after this one!

(Here is Laura's (the Beyoncifier) before and after)

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