Wednesday, February 19, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 2

Yep! I am at it again....a hybrid of two programs together! I am continuing on with P90X3 and adding the 21 Day Fix to it. So far, it is fabulous! 

The toughest part for me is I am challenging myself to NOT step on the scale until Day 21! It is not part of the "program"...but I have learned I have an unhealthy relationship with that dumb thing...not weighing in this morning WAS HARD! But it makes me MORE dedicated to sticking with the eating plan so that I will be SHOCKED (in a good way) on Day 21....stay tuned!

breakfast- red- shakeology
purple- blueberries
orange replacement- almond milk

snack- red- hard boiled eggs (2)

lunch- green- spinach
green- kale
red- turkey bacon
yellow-whole grain wrap
blue- hummus
**So excited for lunch!**

snack- purple- apple
teaspoon- peanut butter

dinner- green- broccoli
red- pork tenderloin
yellow- lentils

What I learned from yesterday.... I don't normally eat a lot from the yellow group, so that is an adjustment for me. Also, I have nothing from the orange group so I am using that as my almond milk for Shakeology. I am excited to eat today!

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