Saturday, February 15, 2014

P90X3- Week 7 MMX- Post Workout Wrap-UP

Wouldn't you run from me in a dark alley?
I vow to always start my Saturdays off with P90X3 MMX forever and ever...not really, but I hope to! I love this workout so much! This is the third time doing it now and sprawls are now my friend. Why? Because I have gotten, stronger, better and MEANER during this workout. I actually visualize (don't laugh, you should too!) being in a FIGHT and the sprawl gets me away from my opponent. HA! Take that mugger! Also, the coordination with feet and kicks is so much better! JUST GOES TO SHOW...follow the schedule. If an exercise is HARD, DON'T GIVE UP! How would I have ever known how BAD A&$ (excuse the language, endorphins talking  I really am if I gave up????? WHOOP! Let's get this Saturday going and kick it's BOOTY! 

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