Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My unhealthy relationship with MY SCALE!

I am learning I have an "unhealthy" relationship with the scale...Do you? 
Here is what clued me into this.

1. I weigh myself every day.
2. I am usually disappointed, despite progress in measurements, clothes, etc.
3. That number dictates what I do next (eat healthier, have a treat)...can you say sabotage?
4. Though I feel awesome I strive for "that" number.

The reason I open up about this is because I know many of you are giving the scale WAY TOO MUCH POWER! I have vowed TO NOT weigh myself for the duration of the ‪#‎21dayfix‬...and you know what? That task is HARDER than the eating plan AND the workout program (for me) combined.
Why do I do this? I work hard and I want instant feedback? How can I change it? Look for other ways to get that feedback....
Do you weigh yourself often? 
Do you have a healthy scale relationship? 
Share below....

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