Thursday, February 20, 2014

21 Day Fix- Day 3

Day 3 of the #21dayfix
These workouts are no laughing matter BUT the modifier makes it so ANYONE can do them. I am feeling it in my triceps today and am LOVING IT! 30 min workouts are THE BOMB!
I am NOT hungry at all. I usually eat pretty clean, but this is a great reminder of pure nutrients and all the "little" unnecessary things I add to my diet that ADD UP. The portions are not limiting whatsoever! And I am REALLY enjoying the choices for each "color".
You probably know my little challenge to myself about not weighing in until day 21. It is getting easier to stay off the scale. Cold turkey baby!

**My next 21 Day Fix Group is starting March 10th and is already filling up! Don't wait if you want to lose between 10-20 pounds in three weeks! Message me and I will give you the details! JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING!**

Here was my menu for today-
red- Chocolate shakeology with water and ice
purple- 1/2 banana

snack- red- plain greek yogurt

lunch- green- broccoli
green- carrots (10 baby)
red- pork tenderloin
blue- hummus

snack- purple- apple
teaspoon- peanut butter

dinner- green- spinach
red- ground turkey
yellow- brown rice
teaspoon- coconut oil

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