Monday, May 12, 2014

Ultimate Reset Day 10

Day 10 ended difficult, but started out strong.
 Today was Saturday, of Mother's Day weekend. I knew the day was going to be mostly out of the house, which means less control. So, I packed all my food and supplements to go in a large cooler bag. I was feeling strong and empowered! And I stuck to it! But, we took my Mother-In-Law to dinner for Mother's Day and it.was.hard. I did not care for the quinoa-lentil salad much and everyone's food looked SO GOOD. I actually got very, very grouchy and ticked off about the whole thing. At one point, I was telling myself in my head, "Why do I even have to be healthy? We all die anyway."...Yeah, crazy, right?

BUT, the point is, is I stuck to it despite my crazy talk! What is driving me now? It is NOT about weight loss. It is NOT even about cleansing anymore. It is ALL about NOT GIVING UP now after making it SO far! 
Have you ever pushed yourself farther than you thought you could? I would love to hear about it, to help me continue to persevere.
Breakfast- smashed chickpeas with evoo, garlic and lemon juice.
Lunch- salad with cucumbers, carrot and kalamata olives.
Dinner- steamed broccoli with quinoa-lentil blend.

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